Making a Wire Bra

Tie a noose around base of each tit pulling it very tight go around tit a few times making even more tighter then twist wire and cut wire with a wire cutters. Now strap the cups together, and a strap hold the bra in place and a strap around the back.
Tie the wire to the noose at the bottom then bring over the top of tit pull it very tightly over the tit and push the wire under the noose at the bottom and pull the wire up over tit 7 to 8 times before tying the wire to the noose and twisting the wire with wire cutters cut the wire at bottom of each tit. you can tighten the as tight as you can stand and more.
STEP 3 Tie 5 bands very tightly around each tit, and under each wire around each tit until each band goes all around each tit
STEP 4 With all the wire in place, use the wire cutters 2inch long piece under intersection tie 2 inch wire to all squares so that every wire is tied together at the intersects so that the wire won’t come apart by trimming the small wires and turning the small wire facing in the sharp wires dig even more into the tits. Now you have a wire you add more bands. This makes a wire mesh or a wire bra that you can remove. The bra should be very tight letting your tits bulge between the wires. You now have a bra you can use again and again. and very painful to ware it make wonderful punishment Bra. This leaves the udders exposed to more nasty torture, like Needles and Colored Pins

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